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Advertise With Us - Direct Placements and Google Adwords

Most pages on our websites carry Advertisements, which we can serve by way of Direct Placements or via Google Adwords.

The ad sizes that we serve are as follows:

Ad Name Size Usual Locations
Leaderboard 728 x 90 Top right, above the navigation bar
Banner 468 X 60 Top right, above the navigation bar
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 Right hand side, below navigation bar
Wide Skyscraper (only a few) 160 x 600 Right hand side, below navigation bar

Please contact us if you would like to discuss placing your advertisements directly on our websites.

Ads served via Google Adwords can show text ads, images and other media, as determined by Google. In addition to "automated placements", which use contextual targeting to determine where Google ads appear on its Display Network, Google Adwords also offers "managed placements", which allow you to target particular websites and manage the bids for ad placements on those websites.



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