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Aged Care Homes in:

Fortitude Valley, QLD

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Villa Maria Fortitude Valley  -  Fortitude Valley

Villa Maria Fortitude Valley
Aged Care Home:  Yes         Extra Service:  No         Dementia Care:  Yes
Supported Living:  No   Independent Living:  No   Respite Care:   Yes
171 St Paul's Terrace, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 More Details

Nursing homes and hostels are now often referred to as "high level residential aged care" and "low level residential aged care", respectively. These terms are often also abbreviated to simply "high level care" or "high care" and "low level care" or "low care". Either level of care can incorporate "extra service", referred to above as "high care extra" and "low care extra", which provides a higher standard of accommodation and/or meals. See our Terminology page for detailed explanations of terms that relate to aged care.

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