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Association of Independent Retirees
The Association of Independent Retirees (AIR) is a non-party political organisation, representing retired and partly retired people who are not in full time employment. It's a not-for-profit volunteer organisation whose major purpose is to represent this rapidly growing section of the Australian population at all levels of Government.
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association
The Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) exists to support and encourage seniors to take advantage of modern information technology to meet their individual needs and to provide further challenges. To become computer literate at their own pace, in a friendly non-threatening environment and to have fun whilst doing so.
Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc
Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc (CPSA) was founded in 1931 in response to pension cuts. CPSA is a non-profit, non-party-political membership association serving pensioners of all ages, superannuants and low-income retirees.
COTA is the peak body representing the interests and views of older Australians. It puts people before profit, and advocates, informs & influences both Federal, State & Local Government, the business sector and the general community to deliver better outcomes for people aged 50 and over.
National Seniors Australia
National Seniors Australia is a non-profit organisation that gives voice to issues that affect older Australians. It also assists the over 50s community by providing economic and social benefits and making donations to charitable institutions.
Older People Speak Out
Older People Speak Out (OPSO) is an independent, free-spirited group with the experience, knowledge and qualifications to speak out on older people’s issues without fear or favour.
Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association
The Superannuated Commonwealth Officers' Association (SCOA) is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation which advocates for retired public servants in a wide range of policy areas, including superannuation, taxation, health and seniors' concessions.
Retirement Village Residents Association
The Retirement Village Residents Association (RVRA) aims to assist residents to be aware of and understand their rights and obligations; defend and extend the rights of residents in Retirement Villages; encourage residents to exercise their rights, to have input into and participate in the decision-making processes affecting their lives; encourage and assist residents to form and participate in the functioning of their residents' Committees; offer information to intending residents; and encourage the development of positive relationships between residents and management.
The Older Women's Network
The Older Women's Network (OWN) New South Wales is the peak body for OWN Groups across NSW. The aim of all OWN Groups is to promote the rights, dignity and wellbeing of older women. Groups organise a wide range of activities and advocate on issues of concern to older women.
Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages
The Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages (ARQRV) aims to advance and protect the rights and interests of all residents in Queensland Retirement Villages whether they are Pensioners or Independent Retirees.
Australian Pensioners' and Superannuants' League Qld Inc.
The Australian Pensioners' and Superannuants' League, Qld Inc. (APSL) is a voluntary support, referral, information, advocacy and lobby group with members of varying ages.
South Australian Retirement Village Residents Association
South Australian Retirement Village Residents Association (SARVRA) aims to advance the interests of the residents of retirement villages.
Life Activities Clubs
Life Activities Clubs (LACs) provide physical, social and recreational activities as well as education and motivational support to help older men and women plan and manage significant change in their lives (including the transition from work to retirement) and to develop and maintain an active, engaged and enjoyable lifestyle.
Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria
Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria (RRVV) is an active and representative group for all people living in retirement villages in Victoria; a voice for all the residents, a voice promoting residents' rights, and the voice to government at all levels.
WA Retirement Villages Residents Association
WA Retirement Villages Residents Association (WARVRA) provides a voice for the residents of retirement villages in WA. It is a non-profit organization without party political or religious affiliation, run by a committee of volunteers elected by its members.




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