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Retirement Villages - Rental Accommodation

Although most retirement housing requires the payment of an initial entry price, which can be substantial, some rental accommodation is also available. The problem is that it can be hard to find.
Non-profit organizations (such as religious, charitable and other benevolent organizations and local councils) have historically been the main providers of rental accommodation for seniors. Units are usually located in small seniors facilities and they may be reserved for people with limited financial resources. Some of these organizations also reserve a few units for rental in larger retirement villages that otherwise require the payment of an initial entry contribution. Again, these units may be reserved for people with limited financial resources.

More recently, the private sector has begun developing purpose built rental accommodation for seniors. These developments generally cater for the lower end of the market and charge a rental that is a percentage of the full age pension plus the maximum rent assistance that is available from Centrelink (regardless of whether you actually receive the full age pension or rent assistance). Most of these developments are located in regional areas due to the cost and limited availability of development sites in the main metropolitan centres.

We have included a Rental Directory in our suite of retirement village directories to make it easier to find rental accommodation. However, there is no easy way to identify which other retirement villages and seniors facilities have rental accommodation available, but our other directories are a good place to find contact details for further enquiries and local councils may be able to provide additional information.

If you do manage to identify any villages that have rental accommodation available, it would be much appreciated if you could pass that information on so that others might also benefit from it.


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